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Author Topic: Ermonikia run in Lampi, Rethymno  (Read 2647 times)

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Ermonikia run in Lampi, Rethymno
« on: August 28, 2015, 04:32:21 PM »

What is Ermonikia

Ermonikia is two-days cultural and athletical event, inspired by the big celebrations of ancient Greece, taking place every year in the area of Lampi Rethymnon of Crete. The 2nd Ermonikia 2014 was held with big success, having more than 400 participants from Greece and other countries. Top athletes, artists, and many visitors come to live the unique experience. The main athletical event is the Ermonikian Race of 20 km while the two-days program includes 4 running races, presentation of ancient Greek musical instruments, live performance of ancient Greek music, speeches, presentation of the Ancient Greek martial art "Pagration", horse cavalcade, local trekking excursion, traditional Cretan music and dances.

The meaning of Ermonikia

Ermonikia is a unique worldwide complex word coming from "Ermes" (=Hermes) and "Nike" (=victory). Hermes, according to ancient Greek mythology was the first runner of the World, the first athlete, the first musician and the first official messenger. After the battles of the Olympian gods with the Titans and the Giants, he was authorized by the Gods to announce the victory of the Gods, the victory of peace, of spiritualism, culture and  civilization over the forces of primitiveness, violence  and barbarosity. Hermes in ancient Classical years was the protector of ancient athletes, races and messengers.

What is special about Ermonikia

1. The beautiful and imposing scenery astonishes the runners when passing across picturesque villages, between gigantic mountains and wild nature, but also greenish fertile valleys and mythical nearby gorges, while the local people famous for the value of Greek hospitality with the Ermonikia volunteers, are ready to give courage and their assist in any help is needed.

2. You run for human values. You run in the same paths that Hermes, the first runner, the one that first spread before thousands years the values of civilization, communication, athletism, trade and peaceful life along the citizens of the world. You run for your own excellence taking part in a timeless circle into the same ancient scenery that values were spread to ancient world. But the most important: By your valuable presence you are supporting a pure cultural and athletical celebration that promotes and supports expressions of ancient culture and athletism to the modern World.

3. The finishing line. You end in a heaven's paradise place, the village of Spili with the 26 lion-headed fountains pouring fresh water all over the year waiting to fresh you, in a warm welcoming and ancient atmosphere. In finishing line, the local people with more than 100 volunteers, doctors, nursing personnel, reflexologists and a wreath of olive tree, like the ancient times glorify and assist your victory. Free shower, traditional food and free beers under the fresh shadows of the planes recover your body's task, in a warm temperature while the Cretan feast after the awards fills with music and dances the place, tuning into thousand years old atmosphere, enjoying every moment of your stay.

Finnish Ermonikean friends!

The Finnish interest for Crete grows more and more, while Crete is among the No1 Greek destination for Finnish and Scandinavian people. From the first beginning, the Ermonikian events had their first Finnish friends, so be sure that during the events you will have apart from the local hospitality, a warm Finnish welcome and assistance by our Finnish guide and Finnish friends of Ermonikia.

Contact with Ermonikia

You can contact with us in both English and Finnish in our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Ermonikia or by sending us an email in : ermonikia@gmail.com
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